Our Advantage

Business Planning & Data Strategy

  • Data Strategy Development
  • Advanced Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)
  • Agile Marketing Blueprint Development

IMC Strategy

  • Data-Driven Consumer Journey Exploration
  • Business Performance Centric Approach for
  • Data-Driven Connections

Data-Driven Creative Strategy

  • Al-based Scientific Creative Performance and Anatomy Analvsis
  • Advanced Recommendations on Cognitive and Behaviour Constructs
  • ⁠Data-Centric Integrated Creative Agility

Data-Driven Audio & Film Development

  • Al-Based Audio Attributes
  • Low Churn Script Development, Recommendations and Automation
  • Data-Driven Cultural Insights

Media Optimisation Strategy

  • Al-Based Media Optimisation Technology
  • Advanced Statistical Media Analysis
  • Agile Media Strategy Blueprint Development

Conversion Strategy

  • Scientific Conversion Strategy Development
  • Behavior and emotions centric UI/UX recommendations
  • ⁠Mind Trilogy Centric Full Funnel Activity Planning